Remove It Pros (Interior Demolition / Junk Removal) Resale Warehouse

About Us

For over ten years now, our family business has been doing junk removal and interior (selective) demolition.

We discovered that when people have more “stuff” than space allows, they get rid of it. Even when its in good condition or even very good condition.

With our Interior demolition we frequently get perfectly good cabinets, and other building supplies and stuff that’s maybe the rights not the right color or style for them.

So, this allowed us to become even more environmentally conscious. We recycle everything we can, larger things that are resalable we sell them online through Craigslist or in our shop or on eBay thereby practicing recycling at its finest promoting the reuse of items highly likely to end up at the landfill.  

We do reduced cost interior demolition / junk removal this allows us the opportunity to recycle perfectly good materials. We can give our demo customers a better price because of the valuable materials they are removing.
Then we take the extra time to carefully take apart cabinets, vanities, and other items and sell them at a fair price to consumers on the other end to reuse. This keeps the materials out of landfills and gives a way to stretch dollars.
We also recycle batteries, wire, aluminum, steel, ect  ect.
Everyone wins, especially Mother Earth. We would love for you to see for yourself what we have to offer. Thanks in advance for stopping by our site.