Remove It Pros (Interior Demolition / Junk Removal) Resale Warehouse

What Happened??
Well we worked out trading work for about a year at this gigantic warehouse………what we got to learn without putting us out of business, was managing this size of an operation with the amount of time we have available was too difficult for us.

And we also learned that the market place only has a certain amount of demand for this type of used materials.

Remove It Pros Inc. is healthy. And demands the majority of our time. It has grown year after year and it’s too much to run both operations (at least the way we want to run it.)

So we have moved to a smaller temporary location and we are going back into our old location shortly, and hoping to buy the building and update it and stay put for the long term. (if we keep growing like we have, we will need someplace to park our trucks soon.)

Yes we will be selling stuff like we always have just on a smaller scale, and carry more nicer things.

The pictures are from our move out of this huge warehouse. Thank You God For Letting Us Learn this lesson without bankrupting our business!!!

David and Logan

We sell the things we remove using our interior focused demolition company,
Remove It Pros Inc., along with our junk removal business.
In a nut shell, we do reduced cost demolition and junk removal
and then we recycle by selling the stuff. 
This helps out all involved: we get to make a little more money for our efforts,
the demo or junk removal customer gets the service performed for a better price,
and the stuff gets re-purposed.


Our 583 foot long warehouse.
Our 583 foot long warehouse.

Loganslist is the selling name that Remove It Pros has adopted to brand its warehouse sales.

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  • We Remove:
  • Kitchens, Baths, Flooring
  • Walls, Drywall, Ceilings
  • Hot Tubs, Furniture, Junk